Car Cleaning Guide

There’s nothing like driving around in a spotless set of wheels. And though the feel-good factor is a sound enough excuse to make cleaning your car a regular thing, a spick-and-span vehicle is important for several other reasons too. From preventing interior and exterior damage, to increasing visibility and improving your safety – a clean car is a better car.

With record-high fuel prices and rising maintenance costs, the do-it-yourself approach is definitely a great way of saving money in the short and long term. Plus, you’ll get to clean things your way, learn things like waxing the exterior and using a pressure washer, and have an opportunity to spot problems that might become a cause for concern in the future too.

Looking for handy hints and top tips on how to clean a car properly? We’re here to help. From thorough how-to guides and FAQs to high-quality products that’ll help make light work of the job, you’ll find the best way to clean a car with Vipa.

How to Clean Your Car

Need to buff up your car’s paintwork or give its interior a proper spring clean? Maybe you’re just looking to stock up on top-notch cleaning products? Whatever it is, you’re in the right place. This one-stop hub is here to cater to all your cleaning needs, so your car will look and feel its best the next time you hit the road.

  • Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

    It’s easy to let the inside look a little worse for wear. Rubbish, dirt, and stains can all build-up, giving your car a grimy feel that makes driving it no fun at all. 

    Whether it’s filthy floor mats, greasy gear sticks or a dashboard covered in dust, our in-depth guide is here to help you take on the task of cleaning your car’s interior step by step.

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  • Cleaning Your Car’s Exterior

    our car should look the part on the outside too. After all, chances are you paid a lot of money for it in the first place, so going the extra mile for a proper makeover is well worth it. 

    Want clean and shiny rather than down and dirty? No worries! Let our guide to cleaning your car’s exterior get things looking as good as new right here.

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Cleaning your car can be a tough job, but if you’re equipped with the right tools, things definitely become a whole lot easier. 

Whether you’re wiping down the dashboard or need to get into those hard-to-reach nooks, explore our range of car cleaning products and make washing, wiping, rinsing and scrubbing your vehicle less of a chore. 

The Vipa Car Parts Blog

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