Car Technology Guide

Additional tech accessories for your car can make a huge difference to your driving experience. Once you have the right car accessories, you can focus more on the road and let your tech take care of the rest.

Whenever and however you use your car, the right tech and accessories play a vital role in ensuring you can enjoy a smooth, stress-free journey. Not only that, but they can help you get the absolute most from your car – whether that’s simple, hands-free navigation or listening to your favourite music.

Discover Car Tech Accessories from Vipa

Our range of in-car accessories is continually growing to accommodate changing driver needs and new technology. We have years of expertise under our belts to understand what works well for drivers, allowing us to bring you the best of the best when it comes to in-car tech.

With prices starting at as little as £4, we have the cheapest deals on the gadgets you need that are guaranteed to overhaul your driving experience.

From in-car charging accessories to mounted phone holders, we’ll be amending our product list regularly as new items become available that we think you’ll love.

Head over to our tech accessories page to see the current range available now, and make sure to check back for more shortly.

  • Benefits of In-Car Gadgets

    There are many benefits to buying in-car gadgets, such as making your driving experience more comfortable and getting you better connected to your car. If you need a little convincing to buy things for your car’s interior, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Here are just some of the benefits our product range, and car tech accessories, in general, can give you…

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Directions aren’t everyone's forte, which is why your navigation system should be easy to use. If you’re used to following directions on your phone, then using a phone mount and USB cable provides the perfect solution.

Allowing you a clear view of your phone as well as the road ahead, phone mounts are a safe and convenient way to access navigation apps behind the wheel. Using USB also means you can connect directly to your car speakers, allowing you to hear the audio navigation properly without needing to look at the screen for directions. Of course, you may be able to use Bluetooth to connect your device in some cars, but a USB cable is still essential for charging on the go.


There are many ways to use your devices hands-free while driving, such as phone mounts, Bluetooth, and built-in displays. Providing these won’t block your view of the road and traffic ahead or be a distraction, you have the green light to use them to your advantage.

Being able to take calls while on the road or send a text through voice-controlled features on your phone like Siri can be really useful. Whether it’s calling home or contacting a work colleague, the right in-car tech can help you be completely hands-free at the wheel.

Remember – using your phone while driving is illegal and can result in a fine, penalty points and the risk of losing your licence. Always make sure not to handle your phone while driving, and that you’re safely parked before doing so.

Better Connections

Some newer cars now come with built-in music streaming services like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. But there are thousands of other vehicles on the road that still rely on older connection types to pair a device with a car’s infotainment system.

In-car gadgets like USB and aux cables allow most drivers to plug in their phones and use a range of services like playing music, hands-free calling and much more. You can enjoy your music rather than the radio by simply setting up a playlist before you set off and ensuring you’re all connected.

Not only this, but you’ll also be able to charge on the go with USB cables for multiple devices, making long trips with the family much easier to handle, along with running long lists of errands. You’ll never run out of charge mid-journey again, regardless of the length or reason for the trip.  

What Car Accessories Should I Buy?

Tech needs are dependent on what you use your car for and vary based on your make and model. Not sure what tech accessories are right for you? Read our helpful guide on what tech to buy based on your personal needs.

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