Replacing Your Car's Fuel Cap

With over 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, Vipa can offer you a wide range of fuel caps while providing useful information and advice on how to find and fit a replacement fuel cap for your car.

We supply both locking and non-locking fuel caps, giving you a choice of components to meet your needs. We also provide capless conversion systems for vehicles that are fitted with the easy fuel system – so you can always find the product you’re looking for.

As well as being fully MOT compliant, our products are also suitable for use with bio-ethanol fuel. All our fuel caps are produced to the highest OEM standards and produced in Italy in an ISO 9001 accredited factory, so you can be safe in the knowledge that our products are great quality and built to last.

What You Should Know About Fuel Caps

What is a Fuel Cap?

A fuel cap seals the fuel system inside a vehicle. Making sure that petrol and diesel fuel tanks are properly sealed is more important than you might think, since a broken seal can cause moisture and debris to build up within the system, impacting the fuel’s performance over time. A defective fuel filler cap can also cause the release of harmful hydrocarbon emissions, as well as fuel wastage which could hit your wallet in the long term.

Making sure that your fuel cap is in good condition will help you save money, protect the environment, and ensure your car is performing at its best. That’s why this seemingly small part of your car can make quite the difference.  

Research suggests that you should replace your fuel cap every 50,000 miles, but you should check the condition of your existing cap regularly. The best indication that there’s any problem with your fuel cap is visible damage to the rubber seal, a fuel warning light on your dashboard, and a strong fuel smell near the fuel entry point.

Finding the Right Replacement Fuel Cap

The quickest and easiest way to establish which fuel cap is suitable for your vehicle is to use our simple Reg Checking Tool below. Simply enter your car’s registration number and we’ll get to work on finding the right replacement fuel cap for you – it’s as easy as that.

Still not sure which type is right for your car? We’ve put together a selection of helpful resources to clear things up below – covering everything from choosing the right fuel cap to fitting your replacement.

  • What Fuel Caps Fit My Car?

    There’s a bit more to fuel caps that meets the eye. We’ll provide you with in-depth information so that you know the differences between fuel cap types (from quick twist to bayonet), and how to check which ones are suitable.

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  • Fuel Caps – By Your Make and Model

    If you don’t have your reg number to hand, you can use our guide and tool to identify the fuel caps that match your vehicle’s make and model. We’ll show you options for your car based on what you’ve told us, so you can order the right fit.

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  • How to Fit a Car Fuel Cap

    Different fuel caps are suitable for different vehicles, so it’ll come as no surprise that these are fitted using different installation methods.

    Read out best advice on how to fit your replacement fuel cap, regardless of which type your car uses. With this guide, you’ll soon be an expert on how to fit your new fuel cap as soon as it arrives.

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  • Fuel Cap FAQs

    Got a question about fuel caps, or in need of some product support? Check out our comprehensive FAQ section below for commonly asked questions about our company, products, and everything in between.

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