Car Fuel Caps - By Make and Model

What Fuel Cap Do I Need for My Car?

Getting the correct parts for your car is non-negotiable since each element serves a vital purpose. 

Fuel caps are no exception, since you wouldn’t want to be at risk of them not being adequately fitted, as this can cause problems such as leaking and fuel wastage. They must be replaced like-for-like to prevent this from happening. 

Our guide below will run you through everything you need to know about finding the correct fuel cap, from different sizing specifications to the various fitment types…

Finding the Right Fuel Cap for Your Car’s Make and Model

The right fuel cap depends on three factors: the make, the model, and the fuel type of your car. The fuel cap that fits a BMW 1 Series with a petrol engine might not be suitable for a diesel Mini Countryman, so you should always use these three things when searching for the correct replacement.

Knowing these three factors should easily help you identify the correct parts for your car. If you don’t know your car's exact make and model, then it’s worth checking the car user manual for more information. 

With this information to hand, just enter it into our handy interactive search tool below – and leave the rest to us:

Need a bit more of a steer? Here’s an example to give you a better idea of how to find the right one for you:

An Audi A1 hatchback with a petrol engine built in 2014 or later would need the 2-lug bayonet type. Meanwhile, Ford Fiesta hatchbacks with a petrol engine manufactured between 2001 and 2008 would need to be fitted with the male screw thread type. 

Locking and non-locking options are available for both cars, meaning that you have the choice based on whichever you’d like to have. A locking fuel cap requires a key to open, while a non-locking cap will twist and click to open and close. However, not all locking or non-locking fuel caps are the same since they will differ based on the make and model of the car. 

Something to remember is that some cars offer capless conversion systems. Instead of a cap, the fuel pump will push through a flap that leads directly to the fuel pipe and into the fuel tank. Some newer cars might offer these, but they can be fitted to many different makes and models, including Ford, Citroen, and Fiat.

If you’re still unsure, your car’s manual should be able to offer some useful insight to help you work out what fuel cap you need for your car. 

Remember to carefully check the product description to ensure that it meets the right criteria for your car. Even cars with the same make and model but manufactured in different years can require different fittings, so it’s worth double checking that you have entered your details correctly and that the item is right before purchasing. 

Size specifications for the filler cap can vary based on the make and model of a car, which means that even if you’ve bought the correct fitment type, it could be too small or too big for your filler cap neck.

What Should I Check Before Choosing My Fuel Cap?

You should be checking the make, model, and fuel type of your car. You can also measure the fuel neck size, but this isn’t necessary providing you get the details of your car right. 

If you are unsure about any of these things, we’ll tell you below how we can help with just the registration number of your car.

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